Transportation Management


Seattle Convention Center (SCC) and the City of Seattle have prepared a joint Transportation Management Plan (TMP). The purpose of this TMP is to describe how SCC will manage its traffic and parking demands to ensure efficient operation of SCC and minimize conflicts between SCC traffic and other city traffic.

The type and size of events held at SCC will vary significantly. While the TMP has been developed to respond to specific event scenarios, it presents a range of transportation management strategies and has the flexibility to respond to the diverse and unique requirements of each event. Some strategies will be implemented as normal operating procedures, with adjustments made where necessary; others will be implemented only under special circumstances. Selection of the appropriate procedures for a particular event will be determined during the SCC pre-event planning process.

Events with substantial freight and/or significant shuttle activity will require early discussions with the assigned Event Manager and SCC.

Loading and Unloading Facilities

The truck service area and loading dock are located on Level 4 immediately adjacent to the Exhibit Halls with access via a two-lane enclosed ramp on Hubbell Place, between Seneca and Pike Streets.

The South Loading Dock contains 9 total bays with 4 levelers. The dock clearance is 16 feet high x 25 feet wide; nine bays will accommodate 65-foot trailers; two bays will accommodate 32-foot trucks.

The North Loading Dock contains 9 total bays, 8 of which have levelers; The Dock clearance is 16’ high. All bays will accommodate any street legal trailer.

SCC does not endorse exclusivity by the decorator or drayage company to handle freight at the loading dock. You may, at your discretion, allow exhibitors to load/unload their own items at no charge in the SCC's hand-carried/cart-carried freight loading docks. For additional information, see Hand-Carried Freight Guidelines.

Freight Deliveries

SCC is unable to accept/receive deliveries of freight, crates and mail for exhibitors or attendees. Please make advance shipment arrangements through your official service contractor. Please provide your Event Manager with a list of all deliveries.

Due to limited storage, show management freight cannot arrive any earlier than one business day before your first contracted date.

Marshalling Yard

You may be required to use our marshalling yard for the staging of any truck activity in order to avoid any queuing in and around SCC. The following factors will warrant use of a marshalling yard: Use of 60,000 ‑ 100,000 square feet of exhibit space for tradeshow activity, or heavy truck volumes associated with the show, as determined by the Event Control Manager. Show Management is responsible for planning and informing exhibitors accordingly.

Shuttle Bus Activities and Queuing

The City of Seattle Traffic Management Plan requires the staffing of Transportation Attendants for any shuttle/motor coach activity. A maximum of two motor coaches can queue on Convention Place simultaneously. If you need additional loading spaces, this is possible through the purchase of permits from the City of Seattle. For additional information on the permitting process, see City of Seattle Permits.

See a map and directions to the shuttle bus and motor coach loading areas.