Loading Docks & Bus Dropoffs

SCC has several parking resources for exhibitors, who may use the loading docks to facilitate moving tradeshow materials, or the bus parking to allow attendees easy access to the building. Please consult the maps below, or download PDFs for drivers available on this page. Exhibitors may also want to view our pages containing additional guidelines on Hand-Carried Freight and Transportation Management.


Loading Dock Entrance

The truck service area and loading dock are located on Level 4 immediately adjacent to the Exhibit Halls with access via a two-lane enclosed ramp on Hubbell Place, between Seneca and Pike Streets.

The South Loading Dock contains 9 total bays with 4 levelers. The dock clearance is 16 feet high x 25 feet wide; seven bays will accommodate 65-foot trailers; two bays will accommodate 32-foot trucks.

The North Loading Dock contains 9 total bays, 8 of with have levelers; The Dock clearance is 16’ high. All bays will accommodate any street legal trailer.

Dock hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 4:00pm, unless otherwise requested by show management. Call (206) 694-5080 for directions.

For more information about the Loading Docks, click here


Motor Coach Drop-Off

The motor coach drop-off location is on Convention Place between Pike and Union. Advance reservations are required; please contact the SCC Event Control Manager at 206-694-5126.


Shuttle Bus Activities and Queuing

The City of Seattle Traffic Management Plan requires the staffing of Transportation Attendants for any shuttle/motor coach activity. A maximum of two motor coaches can queue on Convention Place simultaneously. If you need additional loading spaces, this is possible through the purchase of permits from the City of Seattle. For additional information on the permitting process, see City of Seattle Permits.

See map and directions to the shuttle bus and motor coach loading areas.