Founded in 1984, LMG is a national provider of full service show solutions with offices in Seattle, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Jose and Nashville. LMG's staff, with their in-depth knowledge of the Center and state-of-the-art equipment inventory, will take a comprehensive approach to your video, audio and lighting needs, and will be your partner through every aspect of your show. 

LMG is the preferred in-house supplier of audiovisual services and the exclusive operator of the Seattle Convention Center (SCC) house sound system.

SCC has a built-in house sound system in a majority of its event space. Some of the space is equipped with a sound system which may be used for meeting room audio and other areas within the facility are equipped with paging systems used for general public address. Clarification on usage policies can be addressed by contacting LMG.

LMG c/o Seattle Convention Center
705 Pike Street
Seattle, Washington 98101-2350
Phone: (425) 496-1961