Event Staffing


All catering, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's), electrical services, telecommunications, connectivity, and air/water/drain connections are exclusive services of the Center. Event staffing for locations where access control is a factor must be provided by WSCC staff. These include admission/door attendants, badge checkers, coat or parcel/luggage check staff, ticket takers, crowd management staff, and loading dock/transportation access.

We invite you to choose your own service contractor and suppliers for freight handling, aisle and booth carpet cleaning, and registration services. We have experience with local and national firms and will be happy to work with the contractors you select.

WSCC has an on-site preferred audiovisual provider that can serve all your needs. Should you choose an outside vendor, the built-in house sound system can be used for a nominal fee and will be operated by our preferred provider. The use fee covers the sound system, the first microphone, and connection to the house system for centralized recording of sessions on Levels 4 and 6.



These staff members are required for all access functions from public space to event space, i.e. badge checking, crowd management, ticket receipt or package and/or coat check. Your Event Coordinator will plan the location and number of Admission Attendants based on your program activities.



We provide equipment and staffing for all coat and parcel check services. We will designate the location in appropriate areas where space is available. This is a billable service, self-service is available at no charge.



These staff members manage all vehicle access to the loading dock, are required to operate the freight elevator, and handle cart distribution/return during hand-carried freight hours.

You will also need:

Your Event Coordinator will work with you on determining hand-carried freight operations as necessary.



WSCC has security personnel within the building 24 hours per day, plus video-monitoring systems placed throughout the exhibit areas, lobbies, Galleria and building exterior. Our security control office is the communication center for reporting all incidents including life, fire and medical emergencies. The Security Manager is available to discuss the security of the facility and any needs for Seattle Police, VIP escorts, etc.



The safety of our guests is our number one priority. We provide an on‑site first aid facility staffed with emergency medical professionals. We will schedule EMT’s based upon your event activities. AMR is the exclusive provider of event medical services for WSCC. Medical personnel are required for all public shows and events with attendance in excess of 1,000 guests or as deemed necessary by the WSCC Security Manager.